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Reviewer: The Sparklings hard to define, but tasty

Restaurant reviewer says southwest eatery offers great food in a incongruous atmosphere.

The Sparklings seems a little incongruous, so I’ll quit trying to figure it out and appreciate it for what it is: a restaurant serving a varied menu of well-prepared dishes in a pleasant environment.

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Nem Nuong Bistro offers addictive bites among a diverse Vietnamese menu

A restaurant reviewer says a new Vietnamese eatery is providing a diverse menu with delicious results.

Crunch is crucial. Is it not the most popular of food textures? Slimy and squishy are appreciated by few; some don’t do smooth and creamy. But crunchy? Universally beloved. It single-handedly redeems celery. It’s an agreed upon addictive sensation.

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Made.LV is open and ready for business

Updated comfort food headlines the menu at newly opened restaurant at Tivoli Village.

Made.LV, from the husband-and-wife team of restaurant developer Elizabeth Blau and chef Kim Canteenwalla, opened last week near the Alta Drive entrance to Tivoli Village in a space formerly occupied by Hops & Harvest.

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Reviewer: Rise & Shine Adds Whimsy to Breakfast

Restaurant reviewer says cute decor and servers in pajamas are not the only thing this southwest neighborhood breakfast place has to offer. 

OK, first of all, this place is adorable. Rise & Shine is a garden-themed steak and egg place with servers wearing pajamas, and the attention to detail extends to the dishes coming out of the kitchen.

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Reviewer: Born and Raised Offers Impressive sliders, but Other selections Fall Flat

Restaurant reviewer says southwest bar has some hits, notably the sliders, and some misses. 

Poker bars have been, well, raising the bar as far as food during the past few years. No longer is it enough to serve the world’s best wings or nachos; if you want to draw ’em in for your food as well as for the shots, cold beer and poker machines, you need to get creative.

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Restaurant Review: How Sweet It Is…

Restaurant critic John Curtas highly recommends the newest dessert and pastry place along Spring Mountain Road.

When our staff heard that Sweets Raku opened last week for a few nights of “friends and family” tastings, we headed to Spring Mountain Road and Decatur faster than you could say “konnichiwa arigatougozaimasu.”

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New Restaurants Popping Up Around the Valley

Several new restaurants are opening around the valley offering a variety of dining choices.

Conversations that begin with, "Where should we eat?" will become a little more prolonged this summer. An eclectic array of restaurants will be opening their doors and whetting appetites across the Las Vegas Valley.

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