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Gas prices rose nationwide, Nevada fuel costs dropped |

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Gas prices rose nationwide, Nevada fuel costs dropped

LAS VEGAS (KLAS)-- U.S. gas prices increased over the last month to $3.33 per gallon nationwide, while in Nevada, gas prices dropped to nearly $3.81 per gallon on average, according to AAA. 

Figures reported Sunday by AAA indicate gas prices are averaging between $3.77 and $4.21 in Clark County.

Cheaper prices are available at club stores and some discount retailers in Las Vegas. For example, Sam's Club and Costco are selling regular unleaded gas at $3.36, according to the website gasbuddy.com.

Say it ain’t so! Gas prices expected to rise again by spring

This time of year is usually tamer with prices jumping up in March, April, and May, GasBuddy's head of petroleum analysis, Patrick De Haan, said.

Prices could continue to rise substantially throughout the rest of the year.

"We could see the national average climbing close to $4 per gallon by the time we get out to celebrate Memorial Day," De Haan said.

There could be some relief at the pump, but it will likely take at least the rest of the year for the pandemic-suppressed oil supply to catch up with demand, ultimately bringing down prices, De Haan projects.

Since last week 10 states have seen the largest increases, including Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Washington D.C, according to AAA.

The average gas price nationwide is 93 cents higher than it was last year.