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Electric bikes: Why they are all the rage and what you need to know before you buy |

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Electric bikes: Why they are all the rage and what you need to know before you buy

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — You might have one or may be thinking about one. If you have tried to get an electric bike, or e-bike, recently, you may be on a wait list.

The phrase "it’s as easy as riding a bike" just got easier.

"With the e-bike it totally changed our lives, we go out all the time,” said Ginger Allen. "If you want the exercise you can peddle. If you get tired you can use the power, and it's really great to just have something that's environmentally friendly and fun."

Allen is the latest to join the growing movement of electric bikes.

'We absolutely love it because Las Vegas has a lot of hills and unless you're a professional athlete and you have a lot of stamina, it's really not that fun to ride bikes around here,” said Allen.

Now, new businesses are popping up, like Cactus E-Bikes, in the hopes of expanding this trend in Las Vegas and the surrounding scenery.

"Everyone already knows downtown, they know the Strip, people just, it's still a revelation for many people what the outside of the Las Vegas fishbowl has to offer,” said Dave Eselgroth, co-owner of Cactus E-Bikes.

With a wider tire and lightweight frame, Cactus E-Bikes says these are great for hitting the trails.

This pop-up business offers tours, rentals, and bikes for purchase. The average cost for an e-bike is $2500.

Eselgroth says anyone can ride them, no matter your experience.

'They're super stable,” Eselgroth said. “So, for folks who haven't been on a bike and are worried about keeping their balance, the tire is going to do it for you."

But you will need to buy quickly. Due to a backlog, bikes could take up to six months to arrive.

"If anything, it just says we're in the right space but the supply chain issues just have to work themselves out,” Eselgroth said.