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A look inside Metro's use-of-force training facility |

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A look inside Metro's use-of-force training facility

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Several recent deadly incidents around the country have shed the light on law enforcement's use of force.

On Thursday, 8 News Now got a look inside Metro's facility designed to help officers prepare for real world situations.

I geared up and got briefed on the replicated real life emergency call.

I responded to reports of a man with a frying pan and a knife and who was potentially on drugs.

I was guided through the appropriate use of force for this type of situation where an armed person was approaching.

In this case, it was my non-lethal shot that allowed officers to put the individual into custody.

“The point is to put them in these static and controlled training environments to induce some stress and work with them through that stress to solve the problem,” said Sgt. Adam Stubbs.

The Metro Use of Force Reality-Based Training Facility was created in 2011.

Every year the department takes new real-life situations from around the country and recreates it here, for practice, for officers.

“To give them updates and also re-enforce and review the tactics we are already using out in the field to reinforce good habits and to review new updates to our policy, updates to case law,” Sgt. Stubbs said. “I think it is important the public also sees just how we do train and why we train for what we do.

The more practice the better.

Stubbs says the hours put in here, could end up saving a life out on the streets.

Training goes on here just about every day. Every officer goes through about 20 hours of training a year.

The police academy also uses this facility for training new officers.