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Return to CCSD Campuses: Adjustments and challenges with hybrid learning |

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Return to CCSD Campuses: Adjustments and challenges with hybrid learning

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- It's day two of being back in the classroom for about 20,000 Clark County School District (CCSD) students. As with any major adjustment, there are a few issues, and in this case, it involves technology.

"There's definitely families that are feeling that change," said Rebecca Garcia, president of the Nevada Parent Teacher Association.

She has been monitoring the transition to hybrid learning.

"I did hear there was some technology issues yesterday, even with the best intentions of trying to have all the streaming processes and cameras set up and things like that, there was some challenges of how to get onto this Google meet," Garcia shared.

She is also an administrator of the CCSD parents page on Facebook.

"A very active space where you hear a lot for parents and teachers about what's going right and what the challenges are," Garcia explained.

Most posts reflect a similar message about the transition to in-person learning for some Pre-K through third grade students.

"Compared to the first of distance learning in August, we heard a lot more positive feedback yesterday," said Garcia.

Mother Ari O'Brien shared, "It went great, actually."

She noticed her second-grade daughter adjusting to the changes at Garehime Elementary, including social distancing and working on the computer.

"They did some online," O'Brien said. "The teacher had some students on virtually, so she was trying to incorporate both classes."

Many educators are now teaching in person and online at the same time.

"Minor issues," said Garehime Principal Ryan Lewis, "reconnecting with students, bringing their devices back on campus, all which were fixable."

He tells 8 News Now overall, it's going well. We asked him if there were any changes he may want to implement when Cohort B returns for their first day, to which he replied:

"Realistically, we are very pleased with how we were prepared, so we're really going to kind of maintain what our protocols are for Cohort B coming."

A couple unions mentioned staff having trouble logging into the Emocha Health program. The platform allows staff to monitor their daily symptoms, which is a district requirement. We reached out to CCSD but have not received a response yet.