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Photo Gallery | Six People Arrested in Clip Joint Bust

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police have released the mugshots of six people arrested in a clip joint bust that happened on Sunday.

Police say early Sunday morning, British tourist Joseph Sherriff was stabbed by a bouncer at the Red Devil Fitness Spa, near Spring Mountain Road and Polaris Avenue. Sherriff is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries and his attacker is still at large.

Sherriff had allegedly been involved in a dispute with employees of Red Devil after trying to get a refund. The suspect was gone when police arrived.

Police arrested Brooke Dugan, Lyeishia Godfrey, Christine Hall, Hope Tello, Nicole Cramer, and James Watkins for racketeering, obtaining money under false pretenses, and conspiracy to commit racketeering.

At clip joints, people are tricked into believing they are paying for sex, but are asked for more and more money until they run out. In some cases, it turns violent. Police say when customers realize they are being scammed, they are either intimidated into leaving by security, or tossed out the back door by force.

Police are still looking for the man who stabbed Sherriff. Anyone with information is asked to call Metro's Violent Crimes Section at (702) 828-5634 or Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555.