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Restaurant Critic: SABADA Sizzles

Restaurant Critic: SABADA Sizzles

Restaurant critic John Curtas says Sabada Grill and Restaurant elevates Jewish food with great spices.

ELV is not a Jew, but he plays one on this website.

By that he means he tries to channel the vibe and spirit of the great Jewish food writers of our era — from Seymour Britchky to Alan Richman — into his cynical-but-all-consuming-passion for eating everything, thinking about it, and then writing down his thoughts with a certain…how you say?…acerbic quality that suffers no fools and brooks no compromise.

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Free Pancakes Tuesday at Local IHOP Restaurants

Free Pancakes Tuesday at Local IHOP Restaurants

IHOP will serve up free pancakes throughout the valley Tuesday, with the hope diners will donate to charity in return.

For the seventh consecutive year, IHOP will offer a free short stack of its buttermilk pancakes from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on National Pancake Day in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

For every short stack served, customers are asked to make a donation. Donations made at IHOPs in the Las Vegas area will benefit the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ program at St. Rose Dominican Hospitals.

Miss Nevada Alana Lee will be on hand from 7 to 11 a.m. to flip and serve pancakes to guests at IHOP at 7490 S. Las Vegas Blvd in Las Vegas.

Other available locations include:

PAPA GEO’S – Whatta Way to Go!

PAPA GEO’S – Whatta Way to Go!


Curtas: it's not health food, but it's pretty darn good.

People may actually be having heart attacks at the Heart Attack Grill, but we’re here to tell ya, they’re having their myocardial infarctions in the wrong place.

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Spring Edition of Restaurant Week Launches Monday

Spring Edition of Restaurant Week Launches Monday

An event that lets people enjoy a gourmet meal and help a charity is launching a spring edition for the first time. 

Las Vegas Restaurant Week starts Monday and goes through March 4. This spring more than 100 restaurants from around the valley will be offering special meal plans for a special price all to benefit Three Square. Some of the best restaurants in southern Nevada will be offering multi-course, prix fixe menus. The prices will be $20.12, $30.12 or $50.12 with a fixed portion of the money going to the charity.

Three Square works with food banks around the Las Vegas valley to provide food to those in need. The annual Restaurant Week expanded to include a spring edition because of its popularity.

Some the restaurants participating include:

Eddie D's Famous Italian Sandwiches Knows Its Meatballs

Reviewer: a few sides lack punch, but an overall good experience.

You know a place is confident about its meatballs when the counter person offers up free samples to first-time customers.

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Critic: CAFE de JAPON Needs a Better Sign

Restaurant critic John Curtas says one restaurant has the food down but not the "curb appeal."

Cafe de Japon, on Spring Mountain Road, needs a better sign.

But it doesn’t need better food, decor or coffee.

Everything about Kiichi-san’s cafe is charming and criminally cheap.

And tasty.

Darn tasty.

So tasty, in fact, that we at ELV think there should be a line out the door for specialties like his spicy curry beef and an albacore tataki — that would be twice as expensive two miles east and not a penny better for it.

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Double Helix's Mission Uncertain with Confusing Menu, Odd Service

Critic: an identity crisis clouds the experience at Double Helix in Town Square.

If you asked the people behind Double Helix, I'm guessing they would say I just don't get it. And they'd be right, because I don't. (But then I'm not sure I get the name Double Helix. Doesn't that refer to DNA -- which always makes me think of crime scenes?)

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