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Commissioners to Tackle Party House Nuisance | News

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Commissioners to Tackle Party House Nuisance
Commissioners to Tackle Party House Nuisance

LAS VEGAS -- Half-naked women and buses of people are flooding some valley neighborhoods, an issue the Clark County Commission is set to address.

The so-called party are large homes across the Las Vegas valley, rented out as venues for out-of-control parties.

One home in the southwest valley was owned by a rental business and Clark County leaders fined the owners almost $30,000. The 5,000-square foot home used to be a big problem in the neighborhood. The property boasted a swimming pool, tennis court and a rooftop hot tub.

Neighbors said they saw parties at the home often. Resident Romie Hernandez said for a while last year the home was a neighborhood nightmare.

"They used to set up a valet service here actually, so when I would come home they'd be like 'Hey, let me valet your car,' and I'm like, 'I'm just trying to get home. I live here,'" Hernandez said. "It was a hassle, coming home and it's like there's a bunch of people and I just want to go home and they'd be up late with the party still going."

Other neighbors said nearly naked women and pounding music was the norm every other weekend.

The previous homeowners were fined $29,000 for repeatedly renting the home for less than 30 days, which is a violation of the county's house party ordinance.

Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak said the house parties are more than a nuisance, they're a business.

"It was a significant fine because we had gotten so many complaints through public response, the neighbors had called and complained about the actions that were occurring at the home," Sisolak said. "What had happened was, they billed themselves as a quote unquote party house, they would rent for a night or for a weekend and it was used more for like bachelor parties, and they were bringing buses of people."

The City of Las Vegas and Henderson allow homes to be rented for under a month, but they require a special permit. 

The Clark County Commission will revisit the issue Wednesday and decide whether the county should follow suit barring party houses in neighborhoods.


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