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Southwest Neighborhood Reacts to Link with Suspected Killer | News

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Southwest Neighborhood Reacts to Link with Suspected Killer

LAS VEGAS -- The search for Christopher Dorner has spanned across California and parts of the Southwest, including Nevada.

Law enforcement has had leads for Dorner in Riverside, Big Bear and also a Las Vegas neighborhood where Dorner owned a home.

SLIDESHOW: Christopher Dorner's Las Vegas Home

Broken glass now litters the home's front porch and the doors and windows are boarded up following a Thursday night raid on the former LAPD officer's home in southwest Las Vegas. FBI agents were looking for clues that might lead to Dorner's whereabouts.

Federal agents had the garage open and the house full of lights as they pulled out boxes and searched for weapons, but no guns were found.

"I thought we were being invaded. I mean literally. I walked outside and there were two guys out here with machine guns," said Dave, a neighbor who doesn't want his last name revealed.

During the investigation, the street in front of the Dorner house was closed to traffic and the neighborhood was essentially locked down.

"I asked them, 'Hey what's going on?' They told me they were serving a search warrant," neighbor Steven Williams said.

At one point, law enforcement thought Dorner might come to Las Vegas. Dorner was married in Las Vegas and served as a commanding officer at Fallon Naval Air Station. Dorner even filed a Temporary Protection Order in the Clark County court system. The TPO was filed against another LAPD officer mentioned in his lengthy manifesto.

"For somebody like that to lose it, something must have really gone wrong," said Dave.

Law enforcement officers have since cleared out of Dorner's neighborhood but some of Dorner's neighbors say they will continue to be on high alert.



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