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New Access Road Confuses I-15 Drivers | News

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New Access Road Confuses I-15 Drivers

LAS VEGAS -- Confusion, frustration, and anger are some of the words being used by drivers to describe the new access road off the I-15 southbound.

The access road opened Wednesday morning and is supposed to make the commute smoother for drivers on southbound I-15 who want to head westbound on the 215.

Drivers on southbound I-15 see three signs. One, for I-15 south. Another, for the 215. And finally, one for the Russell Road exit.

Some drivers say there needs to more signage, earlier on, along the I-15 to prepare drivers. The Nevada Department of Transportation is keeping a close eye on the new access road to see where there might be issues.

"Since they moved the cones, I have no idea what I am doing now," said commuter Kris Salcedo.

He drives I-15 south every day to get work. His exit is Russell Road but finding it -- on this first day with the access road -- was a bit challenging.

Salcedo says it would be helpful to have more warning signs for drivers. He says his commute came with extra stops and slow downs as traffic from the express lane tried to exit onto the new access road.

"People want to get off on Russell, then they just dive bomb straight across and you are just thinking, I am going to get hit," he said.

NDOT says they are looking into the issue and concerned drivers can email them with their concerns.

"Right now, the distance from the express lane cut off -- so that you can make it -- is about  half-a- mile. So, technically it's enough space, but it's just not working with the rest of the traffic that's not letting them in," said Michelle Booth, NDOT.

Larger signs are also a request for nearby businesses.

"Better signage so that my customers that are trying to get to us would know, so they don't end up in Henderson or the southwest part of Vegas," said Margie Murphy, owner of Dead Man's Hand Tattoo Supply.

She says, until drivers get used to the new access road, she will do her part to stay safe.

"I just drive cautiously and give myself an extra 10 to 15 minutes," Murphy said.

Drivers also expressed concerns about the speed limit dropping from 65 mph, to 45 mph, and then to 30 mph on the exit of the 215 westbound.

NDOT says the speed limits are only temporary until the construction is complete.


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