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Recommendation Made to Ease School Overcrowding | Education & Schools

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Recommendation Made to Ease School Overcrowding
Recommendation Made to Ease School Overcrowding

An advisory committee has recommended a plan to deal with school overcrowding in the southwest part of the Las Vegas valley.

The Clark County School District's Attendance Zone Advisory Commission Tuesday decided to recommend Proposal 3 to the school board.

                                     Click here to see a map of Propsal 3

The commission looked at three different rezoning plans along with plans to return to year-round school and add portables to overcrowded schools. They're choice moves the fewest number of children.

"Traditionally, in the past 10 years or so, the issue has been there is a new school being built so we have to rezone and that effects multiple schools," CCSD Board of Trustee member Lorraine Alderman said. "This is a case of no new school being built, and we still have to deal with the overcrowding issue."

The school board does not have to go with a recommendation from the commission, but if it decides to go with the commissions recommendation, it will chose Proposal 3.

"And it may end up by the time this is all said and done, we have to take a little bit of everything in order to really do what is best for children," Alderman said.

A special school board meeting is set for March 6 to discuss the recommendations made by the zoning commission. The board will also get recommendations from Superintendent Dwight Jones.

The failure of the November ballot issue that would have funded school construction and repairs hurt the overcrowding problem, Alderman said. She also said that she believes the issue will have to go back to voters in the future.

"You have to look out not just two to three years. We have to look into the future. We know the growth is going to be there, and it is unfortunate, we just cannot build the schools that need to be built." Alderman said.

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