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Alcohol industry taking a hit as wine bottles, aluminum cans are hard to come by |

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Alcohol industry taking a hit as wine bottles, aluminum cans are hard to come by

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Glass wine bottles and aluminum cans are like gold right now for wine and beer producers as they are becoming hard to come by, a challenge they weren't expecting to face. 

"We were panicking a little bit, calling every distributor to try to supply our small winery needs," said Nicole Sharp, marketing director for Vegas Valley Winery. 

Sharp said they had just gotten their shipment of 8,000 wine bottles, but placed the order back in June. 

"We feel lucky we even got them, in addition to the shortage of bottles, the cost of bottles has more than doubled in a year and a half," Sharp said.

Sharp said she is hopeful the price increase doesn't pour over to the wines they make. However, the problem with not being able to find glass bottles is that wine could go to waste if it stays in the barrels for too long without being bottled and corked. 

Over at Crafthaus Brewery, aluminum cans are also part of the supply chain issue.

"Within the industry, it's called candemic " said co-owner Wyndee Forrest.

Forrest said not only are they competing with local breweries for cans, but also with big companies like Coca-Cola. 

"We have to plan more ahead, it means they cost us more money," she said.

Crafthaus just got a shipment of cans from California -- the cans alone cost $3,000, but they must also pay for shipping, which is usually $300. This week, it cost them $3,200 just for shipping.

"We can't do a direct increase because there are other options and people would choose the lower-priced options," Forrest said. 

Forrest predicts it will take them seven years to bounce back to pre-pandemic prices. 

As for wine bottles, it might sound like a better option to re-use them, but wineries need to follow specific FDA guidelines, which means they have to go through a glass recycling company where they are crushed and repurposed.