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How to keep the worst of allergy season at bay |

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How to keep the worst of allergy season at bay

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Many of you have felt it: itchy eyes and sneezing. Allergy season is here, and it's causing folks a big deal of discomfort.

The severity of the season depends on the weather. According to one local doctor, how much rain and wind we get is what drives things, but people are already complaining about feeling those symptoms.

Dr. Rick Vinuya says allergy symptoms include watery, itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, congestion and sneezing, among others.

In midst of the pandemic, these symptoms could be mistaken for COVID-19 very easily. Vinuya's advice? Keep a close eye on your health and don't ignore it.

"There are a few ways to distinguish the two," he explained. "Usually, when you have a viral infection, like COVID, your allergy symptoms during season will be much more pronounced. Also, a big difference is the presence of fever. Fever is not associated with allergies, unless you have a sinus infection."

Although allergies are not contagious, Vinuya says there are things you can to help. Try to avoid morning outings because that's when he says pollen is at its peak. You can also get an allergy test to see what you could be reacting to.

Vinuya says having allergies does not increase your chances of getting COVID. On the other hand, avoiding medical attention for your allergies could cause more problems that can affect your daily performance.