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A day with some of Las Vegas' biggest YouTube stars |

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A day with some of Las Vegas' biggest YouTube stars

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- For nearly 16 years, YouTube has been a dominant force on the internet. Billions of people log on to watch videos from their favorite YouTubers, some of whom live here in Las Vegas.

8 News Now spoke with two content creators, who over several years, have become some of the most popular YouTubers in town.

"We have a huge ambition, a huge passion for filmmaking and acting," said Hilly Hindi of "The Hillywood Show."

For over 10 years, Hilly and Hannah Hindi have parodied popular movies and TV shows, such as "Stranger Things" and "Lord of the Rings," on their channel.

"It looks huge and well-produced, and it's just us," shared Hilly. "It's just us," echoed Hannah. "We're not sponsored; we don't have a network behind us, and we do it all on our own," said Hilly.

The process of producing a video takes months at a time, with each parody uploaded anywhere from six months to a year between each other.

Their channel has grown to nearly 2 million subscribers, with fans across the globe, including the people they are parodying.

Due to high production costs, The Hillywood Show cannot rely solely on ad revenue from YouTube. They are financially supported by fan donations through the service Patreon, which is where fans can get exclusive content through their subscription.

"We are so thankful for the fan donations; we are so thankful for the fans supporting us," said Hilly, "but sometime in their life, I would like them not to have to give. I want them just to watch and to enjoy."

The Hillywood Show is one of many YouTube channels based in Las Vegas. Like Hillywood, Andrew Foy has been creating content on YouTube for years.

"I always get these comments, 'I've been watching since 100k; I've been watching since you were 10-years-old,'" shared Foy.

Now 19, the fingerstyle guitarist has amassed nearly 3 million subscribers by putting out covers of popular songs. Foy has grown his channel over the years by adding vlogs, Q-and-As and collaborations with his younger sister.

"That pushed the channel in a different direction, and it definitely helped," he shared, "because those videos have done really well."

Foy says YouTube is like a full-time job. He's been able to use the money generated from a partnership with GuitarTricks and ad revenue to help pay for college, his car and build savings.

Moving forward, Foy wants to continue to develop his music here in Las Vegas.

"I think my next big thing is creating original music," he shared. "A lot of people have been asking me for original music."

As restrictions are loosened, The Hillywood Show hopes to get back on set and continue their conversations with studios to take the show even further.

"Even though we do everything, we are at a point where we're ready for a team, for a Hillywood team," said Hilly.

Many of you may be wondering, "How do you create a YouTube channel, and how can someone make money from it?"

The first steps are fairly simple.

On YouTube, go to "Create an Account" and start uploading videos. Once a channel has a certain amount of subscribers, they can apply for the YouTube Partner Program. This allows channels to make money from ad revenue, memberships, merchandise and more. While this allows content creators to put some money in their pocket, Google does take a percentage of that revenue.

Other channels will use Patreon. Another big way to make money is through a sponsored brand deal, where a YouTuber will partner with a company and advertise their product.