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Small Las Vegas church suffers setback when truck is stolen |

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Small Las Vegas church suffers setback when truck is stolen

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A small church that makes a big impact in the Las Vegas valley is in need of some help. The truck used by Refreshing Waters Ministries was stolen.

Every Sunday, church members meet at Cimarron High School near Tenaya and Lake Mead to serve hundreds of members in the valley. Last Sunday, their truck was stolen while they were in the middle of service. The did get the truck back but it was in bad condition.

“Of course they tore it all up,” Lola Hester, Refreshing Waters Ministries. “They took the seat off. They tore this up.”

The white pickup truck ended up in a tow yard days after Hester reported it stolen.

“That was a Sunday. It was during church the truck was taken,” she said. “My husband came out and said ‘Babe did you move the truck?’ I said no. He said ‘You’re kidding.”

The couple run Refreshing Waters Ministries and used the now-trashed truck to serve their community with food donations. They referred to the truck as their community truck.

But the Hesters aren’t letting this setback end their Mintistry. For now, they are using a friend’s truck to transport food, blankets and clothing for those who most need it.

“We love to serve the community,” Hester said.

The Hesters are asking the community they serve for some help. Whether it’s big or small, they say they will be grateful to get any donation. They have set up a GoFundMe page to pay for repairs to the truck.

“Our biggest concern is getting our truck running again. It is very vital to what we do.”

And as for the potential thief, Hester hopes something  for that person too.

“I don’t even care if he gets caught or not. My prayer is that he can see the things we do in the community and it touches his heart to the point where he will eventually serve one day.”

like that video showed.. the inside of that
truck was destroyed. no word yet if a police investigation will continue now
that the truck has been found. if you’d like to help with repair costs, we’ll
have more information on our website… eight noews now.com. reporting live
darlene melednez eight news now