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I-Team: Attorney Involved in Alleged Suicide Pact Speaks | Crime

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I-Team: Attorney Involved in Alleged Suicide Pact Speaks

LAS VEGAS -- Attorney Nancy Quon wants the world to know she is not suicidal, that did not conspire with her boyfriend to kill herself, and that a fire which nearly took her life in late October was a complete accident.

The story was complicated enough when it was just about an alleged homeowner association scam that reportedly raked in tens of millions of dollars.

As you know, the I-Team first broke the story about the task force investigation of political corruption inside local HOA's back in 2008. Now we know the name of the undercover probe, Operation Grandmaster, and we know that, according to police documents, indictments in this massive case are "imminent."

Quon is one of the targets of the investigation. She is one of the state's most successful attorneys in the area of construction defects cases. Her firm won verdicts for local HOA's worth tens of millions of dollars. But the FBI suspects the whole system was rigged by design.

Did Quon want to kill herself because indictments are getting close? That's the premise explored in the investigation of her live-in boyfriend and longtime business partner Ron Webb, a former Las Vegas police officer now behind bars for conspiracy to commit Quon's murder. Webb is accused trying to kill Quon by making it look like an accident.

"We have been together for approximately six years. We have been very close and I will tell you the whole scenario is very shocking to me. We raised our kids together. At the time I first met him, she was 8-years-old and she is now 14. She is like a daughter to me. I love her very much," she said. "If anything, it is extremely difficult for me right now to see her put in this position she is in. We have a close relationship and I am shocked by this whole thing."

According to the arrest report, Quon has been despondent because of the corruption investigation and the possibility that she might soon be indicted. Webb told police informants that he agreed to help Quon kill herself and that later he would take his own life.

Police say the first attempt to carry out the plot came October 28 when a fire broke out inside Quon's home. She was found unconscious inside and pulled to safety. Two weeks later, Webb was arrested after making an undercover purchase of drugs to be used in a second attempt to take Quon's life.

Quon said that while she had some health issues earlier this year, she is not, and has not, been suicidal or depressed.

"I am not a suicidal person. In fact, some of the facts they could have easily found out was, for example, when the fire happened I had already made plans to my family to be here for Thanksgiving. They had already purchased the tickets from my nephews back east and my sister in Albuquerque and they were coming in and we were having Thanksgiving at my house. So the whole scenario really made no sense to me. I have two girls I love to death. I have a grandbaby," she said.

Reports said when Quon saw the U.S. Attorney, she was detached and depressed. It is a claim Quon's attorney, Tom Pitaro, denies.

"I was there. I did not see her detached or depressed or upset," he said. "That observation was totally off board."

On November 9, Webb was arrested by Metro intelligence officers after he made a drug buy. According to the arrest report, he was recorded talking about how to use the drug GHB to kill Quon without leaving traces in her system -- presumably so her children could collect on her life insurance policy with Webb as the executor of her estate.

After Webb was arrested and the story about the suicide pact was spilled, Quon was ordered to undergo an involuntary mental health evaluation. In it, the doctors agree 100 percent that Quon was not suicidal, did not need to be evaluated and that the whole thing seemed like a "manipulation."

In light of this, was the fire a suicide attempt?

"This is an unfortunate event. A fire started upstairs while I was downstairs and I was sleeping. I don't remember anything other than that because the next thing I knew I was waking up in an ambulance. But I will tell you I believe the fire started from candles I had lit upstairs by a bathtub area where I took a bath and then fell asleep," she said.

The police report says Quon had consumed a powerful combination of alcohol and sleeping pills before the fire broke out. Webb was out of town but called his brother, also a Metro police officer, to go and check on her. That officer pulled her out of the smoky house and saved her life.

Is Quon being made to look weak and confused because that might somehow benefit the HOA conspiracy case that could break any day? That is a theory the defense will certainly ponder in the days ahead.

Webb is now being held in the psych ward of the jail. His attorney is asking a judge to determine if he is competent to stand trial. Attorney John Momot says after several conversations with Webb, he is not sure he is mentally healthy.

Prosecutors were preparing to take the case before a grand jury, however it is unlikely they will indict Webb before his evaluation.

Quon says she has had no contact with him since these events.