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Hundreds of Valley Children Have a Happy Easter Thanks to Local Volunteer Program | News

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Hundreds of Valley Children Have a Happy Easter Thanks to Local Volunteer Program

LAS VEGAS --  Hundreds of Valley kids will have a Happy Easter thanks to the help of a program called E BUNNY and a group of volunteers who put all their love and care for these children into the form of an Easter basket.

E BUNNY is a grass-roots community outreach program dedicated to bringing Easter Baskets to homeless and disadvantaged children as a token of hope, joy and renewal by passing out baskets to children on the streets of Las Vegas the day before Easter.

The program is made possible by complete strangers who donated care packages that came fittingly in an Easter Basket.

Some of these kids had never received an Easter Basket before. The reward for the volunteers is the smile on each child's face as they received a basket. But these baskets are more than just candy and stuffed animals.

"Priority of giving back hope and spirit to people is huge," said Linda Lera-Randle, Volunteer.

That spirit of giving started early in January. The community donated in all 1800 baskets for some very deserving kids.

"Today we're going to have some fun go into some neighborhoods and give Easter baskets to kids who probably won't get one," said Barbara Kenig, Founder of E BUNNY.

With the trucks stocked and loaded, volunteers started their mission. The areas were randomly chosen.

"Kind of the spontaneity it brings out the best in people." said Lera-Randle.

The moment where all the hard work pays off is when the kids came out to the parking lot to find a pleasant surprise.

Each child grabbed a basket of their choice and even got to see the Easter Bunny.

"Thank you very much because I never got a surprise like this," said Arram Corona, Easter Basket Recipient.

"I like to thank them very much for giving me this present for Easter," said Enya Rios, Easter Basket Recipient.

It's exactly the sentiment the founder of E BUNNY had hoped for.

"Nobody does an Easter Basket program, so 20 years ago my 3 year old son decided he wanted to take Easter Baskets to the shelter," said Kenig.

Except this time around volunteers went to random homes where the kids are not homeless, but their families may be struggling and need a little boost.

"Feels really good because I wasn't expecting this," said Rios.

Last year organizers say they collected a thousand more baskets, but they weren't discouraged. They said any amount is better than nothing. Of course, if you missed it this time around you'll be able to donate come next Easter.