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Cool at School: 30 Different Languages Spoken at Las Vegas School | News

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Cool at School: 30 Different Languages Spoken at Las Vegas School

LAS VEGAS -- More than half of the student body at Thiriot Elementary School is bi-lingual and learning to speak English. There are more than 30 foreign languages represented among the students.

Thiriot, which is near Tropicana and Jones, is a Title 1 school which means it qualifies for extra funding. That funding is used to provide classroom technology that helps the students communicate. Dawn Giles job is to help the teachers learn the best methods for teaching kids whose primary language is not English. 

"The teachers have wonderful skills. Just reminding them to focus on academic vocabulary, to make sure the kids have plenty of practice with language in the classroom, get a chance to speak with other kids in pairs and groups and to go over what they have learned and process it in both languages, "said Giles, ELS specialist. 

Learning English is the top priority for the students. It is also something the parents are encouraged to do, as well.

"They are always asking 'what more can I do?' One of the answers we give them is learn English. That will help your child here at school even more," said Principal Dr. Pat Schmidt.

Schmidt says the large foreign-speaking population does provide a challenge but it is one the school is tackling head-on.