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Business Owners Worry About Bridge Demolition | News

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Business Owners Worry About Bridge Demolition

LAS VEGAS -- The demolition of the Warm Springs Bridge over I-15 has some business owners worried on how it will impact their bottom line.

Warm Springs Bridge is a major east/west connection in that part of town. Local businesses say they get a lot of customers from an industrial site that cross the bridge to the east side of the freeway for lunch or some shopping. Local businesses say they've already seen a drop in customers and wonder how they will manage during construction that could last a year.

Business isn't bad, it just isn't what it used to be for Dickey's BBQ Pit. Owner Jason Rivera says since the Warm Springs Bridge was closed more than a week ago, his restaurant near Las Vegas Blvd. and Warm Springs Rd. has taken a hit.

"Every penny counts with the way the economy is these days. It's a struggle just to maintain but with the bridge being down it's definitely affecting all of the businesses in this area," said Rivera.

He says workers from across I-15 used to cross the bridge every day to grab lunch. "They can get in and out of here in 15 minutes but if it takes them a half-hour to get here, a lot of those folks aren't coming here anymore," he said.

The construction project will cause closures of the Freeway

But for Rivera, a slight decrease in business at the restaurant is just the beginning. He also owns a VIP pet resort even closer to the Warm Springs Bridge. And there, it's hit him even harder. Many of his daycare kennels are empty.

"We've had some clients actually stop coming for daycare because they can't get over the bridge and get to work on time."

The slow down will continue for months. The I-15 Design Build Project Manager Corey Newcome hopes to be done with the new bridge by the end of the year.

"We can absolutely sympathize with them. We are a private enterprise ourselves so our goal is to get in and get out as quick as we can so that is best for everybody," said Newcome.

He says the new bridge will be widened to four lanes. "Better days are coming," he said.

Rivera just hopes he can hold on long enough to experience those better days. The demolition of the bridge is also going to cause some headaches for drivers.


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