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Pahrump Winery Hits 5-Year Mark

PAHRUMP, Nev. -- Balancing the budget hasn't been a major issue for one Southern Nevada business. It's booming despite the recession.

Cool At School: Raising Chickens for a Good Cause

LAS VEGAS -- Second graders at Southern Highlands Preparatory School are taking a hand's on approach to learning. They are the caretakers to a dozen eggs which will soon hatch into chicks.

Students say they can't wait too see all their hard work pay off. "It's cool cause we get to figure out how they live and how they start up and end up," said second grader Sophia Carrero.

The class makes sure the incubator stays at just the right temperature and the eggs are turned every hour. There is even a closet dedicated to the eggs where students are able to monitor the chick's development using candles.

Joceyln Lotterhos said, "When you hold an egg you are holding a life in your hand. It's cool to feel like you are actually holding something."

The students raised $1,500 to help buy the eggs and the incubator. Once the eggs hatch, the chicks along with any leftover money will be donated to the Bonnie Springs Zoo.  

Mother of Fire Victim Doesn't Blame Anyone

PAHRUMP, Nev -- The mother of the young woman killed in the house fire that claimed the life of three little boys is now speaking out about the loss of her 24-year-old daughter.

Crystal Smiley was on the phone to 911 when fell victim to the heavy black smoke that engulfed the Pahrump home and also killed her friend's three young children. The mother of those children, Sharon Broadhead, was the only one to make it our alive. She now faces four counts of involuntary manslaughter as well as child abuse and neglect charges.

Cindy Smiley, Crystal's mother, does not believe Sharon Broadhead is at fault for her daughter's death. While thousands of things have run through Smiley's mind since the horrific fire on Feb. 9, she says, not a single thought has placed blame on Broadhead.

Mother of Children Killed in Pahrump House Fire Arrested

PAHRUMP, Nev. -- The Nye County Sheriff's Office has arrested the mother of the three children who died in a fire on Wednesday.

Sharon Broadhead was arrested and charged with three counts of child abuse and neglect causing death and four counts of involuntary manslaughter.

The investigation revealed that the children had started previous fires in the home and that preventive measures from the mother were not taken.

Police say the lack of supervision was not an isolated incident to the morning fire, but routine. Detectives say two children destroyed an entire room of the house by putting holes in the walls and starting fires on at least two other occasions.

Police say a pillow was set on fire and another incident of a piece of paper catching fire inside the home and the mother knew about it. These incidents happened within two to three months prior to the fatal fire.

Missing Las Vegas Man Found Dead

LAS VEGAS -- The family of a missing Las Vegas man says he has been found dead.

Michael Angelo, Jr. was last seen on Sunday at about 4:30 p.m. in the area of Maryland Parkway and Silverado Ranch.

According to a family spokesman, Angelo was found deceased on Friday. Police say he was found early Friday evening in the desert area near Jean. His body was found near his truck. According to the family, he sustained a self-inflicted wound.

The family was planning a search Saturday in the area he was last seen.

Students Release Balloons to Remember Classmate

PAHRUMP, Nev. -- Shock and sadness are still settling in the community of Pahrump after three young boys and their babysitter were killed in a house fire on Wednesday.

The investigation into the cause is still on-going, and so is the grieving process for people that knew the victims.

Five-year-old Brandon Smith was among those killed in the fire. He was a kindergartner at Mt. Charleston Elementary School. Friday, his classmates taught the lesson that tragedy takes a toll no matter what age. Mrs. Englund's class bears a heavy burden in the loss of their classmate.

"The children have had a really hard time with this," said school counselor Pam Everitt.

Marcie Moncrief's son was one of Brandon's best friends.

"For my son, it was very hard to understand that Brandon is not here anymore. He never got to say goodbye," she said.

Metro Motorcycle Officer Involved in Accident

LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department motorcycle officer was involved in an accident in the area of Jones Boulevard and Robindale Boulevard Friday afternoon.

According to Metro, around 1:30 p.m., a vehicle turned in front of the motorcycle officer, causing the officer to crash.

The officer did not suffer any life threatening injuries and was transported to University Medical Center for as a precaution.