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Books about strong women to read for Women's History Month

(NEXSTAR) - As we celebrate Women's History Month in March, there's no better excuse to read a book by and about some of the world's most inspiring women.

From an alternative history of Hillary Clinton's life to a collection of empowering goodnight stories, these are some of the books you should read in celebration of the month:

Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments: Intimate Histories of Riotous Black Girls, Troublesome Women and Queer Radicals, Saidiya Hartman (2019)

Columbia University professor Saidiya Hartman turns her carefully honed critical lens on the lives of young black women at the turn of the twentieth century in "Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments," which won the 2019 National Books Circle Award in Criticism. The novel unfolds across Philadelphia and New York as the women develop kinships that often transcend the rules of society.

Rodham: A Novel, Curtis Sittenfeld (2020)... Read More

A day with some of Las Vegas' biggest YouTube stars

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- For nearly 16 years, YouTube has been a dominant force on the internet. Billions of people log on to watch videos from their favorite YouTubers, some of whom live here in Las Vegas.

8 News Now spoke with two content creators, who over several years, have become some of the most popular YouTubers in town.

"We have a huge ambition, a huge passion for filmmaking and acting," said Hilly Hindi of "The Hillywood Show."

For over 10 years, Hilly and Hannah Hindi have parodied popular movies and TV shows, such as "Stranger Things" and "Lord of the Rings," on their channel.

"It looks huge and well-produced, and it's just us," shared Hilly. "It's just us," echoed Hannah. "We're not sponsored; we don't have a network behind us, and we do it all on our own," said Hilly. ... Read More

Las Vegas headed in right direction on road to economic recovery

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- As more people get vaccinated and COVID-19 cases decrease, you can already see the change in Las Vegas. We are on the road to recovery, but how long could it take?

With properties on the Las Vegas Strip returning to 24/7 operations and capacity limits increasing, those 8 News Now spoke with are confident we will recover by the end of the year. Experts chimed in, saying we are heading in the right directions.

"We are happy, like finally, everything is opening up, so that's a good thing," expressed Omar Itani, visiting from California.

Jackie Fryar, visiting from Maryland, said, "Vegas is doing great with opening up the stores. The different scenery again is awesome."

Applied Analysis principal analyst Jeremy Aguero explains why this is currently the case. ... Read More

25-year-old man caught with teen during traffic stop arrested by NHP for kidnapping

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- A 25-year-old Utah man was busted last month in Nevada, for alleged kidnapping. Nevada Highway Patrol arrested Santiago Emmanuel Nieves near Elko.

On Feb. 18, at approximately 1:11 p.m., an NHP Trooper conducted a traffic stop on Interstate 80 near mile marker 298, the West Elko Exit, for speeding. As the trooper spoke with the man and his 15-year-old passenger, he became suspicious of possible criminal activity.

Through the investigative process, the trooper discovered Nieves and the teen, whose identity wasn't released, met online and had intentions to travel out of the country without the teen's parents' permission.

Nieves of Taylorsville, Utah, was arrested and charged with second-degree kidnapping. He was booked into the Elko County Jail.

The teen girl was transported to the Elko County Juvenile Detention Center and was released to her parents... Read More

Return to CCSD Campuses: Adjustments and challenges with hybrid learning

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- It's day two of being back in the classroom for about 20,000 Clark County School District (CCSD) students. As with any major adjustment, there are a few issues, and in this case, it involves technology.

"There's definitely families that are feeling that change," said Rebecca Garcia, president of the Nevada Parent Teacher Association.

She has been monitoring the transition to hybrid learning.

"I did hear there was some technology issues yesterday, even with the best intentions of trying to have all the streaming processes and cameras set up and things like that, there was some challenges of how to get onto this Google meet," Garcia shared.

She is also an administrator of the CCSD parents page on Facebook.

"A very active space where you hear a lot for parents and teachers about what's going right and what the challenges are," Garcia explained. ... Read More

Sisters collaborate on YouTube's 'The Hillywood Show' -- WEB EXTRA

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi are serious about the details. Their YouTube channel, which has 1.7 million followers, will someday lead to collaboration with a Hollywood studio. At least, that's what they're working toward.

Hilly Hindi describes "The Hillywood Show" as a parody channel.

"We parody movies, TV shows, celebrities of your favorite fandoms," she says. "So we've done, for movies, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter … for TV shows, Supernatural, Dr. Who, Sherlock, The Umbrella Academy. We've been around for quite some time. The thing that people don't know about us when you see our channel, it looks huge and well produced And it's just us. We're not sponsored. We don't have a network behind us. We do it all on our own."

The pandemic took its toll on what they could accomplish, but now they're back... Read More

Man who died after being punched on Las Vegas Strip was former state trooper

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- The man who was killed early Sunday when he was punched and knocked backward on the Las Vegas Strip was a former Connecticut State Trooper.

New Haven, Conn., station WTNH News 8 reports that Thomas Driscoll, 57, retired in 2009 after 22 years of service. He lived in Chicopee, Mass.

Thomas Driscoll, 57, of Chicopee, Mass., was walking on a pedestrian bridge between Cromwell Hotel & Casino & Bally's about 4:30AM when he and woman companion walked past a group of men. #ThisInsanityMustStop https://t.co/ecRdLwNjVf... Read More