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Vandals in Southwest Las Vegas Crime Spree Arrested

Five vandalism suspects were arrested over the weekend for a crime spree that involved damage to dozens of homes and cars.

Metro police say the suspects, four teens and one adult, damaged homes and cars using rocks and bricks. The crime spree started on Thursday, March 20 and continued through Saturday, March 22.

Police say there was a total of 43 reported incidents, and the crime spree may have caused more than $20,000 in damage.

In one block alone, two homes were hit. Windows on the second floor of both the homes were smashed with rocks. One homeowner says he now has to shell out more than $2,000 to repair the damage.

Bert Cordeiro wasn't showing us part of his rock collection. He says the stones were used by vandals early Saturday morning.

"I was awaken by a large thud on the side and glass crashing. I actually thought someone was trying to break into my home," he said.

Deadly Home Invasion in Southwest Neighborhood

A murder investigation is underway in a southwest Las Vegas neighborhood after a deadly home invasion.

According to police, the victim, a man in his 20's, was entering his home in the area of Fort Apache and Russell around midnight, when he was attacked by two men wearing bandanas.

Read the Clark County Homicide Report

The men forced their way into the home and shot the victim. There were two women in the home that were not harmed and did call police for help.

The suspects ran away on foot.

People who live in the neighborhood say the 27-year-old aspiring rapper was a pretty quiet guy. But he was concerned about security. He even had a high-tech camera system guarding every entrance to his home.

A sign posted outside the home warns trespassers will be shot, and survivors shot again.

Gorman High Students Raise Cash for Flooding Victims

Students in Las Vegas donated hundreds of dollars Thursday to help students in the northern Nevada town of Fernley. That small community was devastated by floods over the weekend.

Few people know where Fernley, Nevada is, let alone that somewhere in the freezing water is Fernley High School.

Hundreds of miles away in Las Vegas, Riley Foley is one of many Bishop Gorman students who remember playing video games, bowling, sending letters and sharing student body organizing experiences with their sister school in Fernley.

Now, that small town school, faces a huge challenge.

"There is nowhere else to go and so they are keeping thousands of people in the school and it is really hard for the students," said Foley

Wednesday night, they raised $170 at the Gorman basketball game. Today they hoped to take it to the next level.

Residents Evacuated in Southwest Neighborhood

Several residents of a southwest neighborhood near Warm Springs and South Decatur were evacuated as police monitored a house where there is a man with a gun.

Police say the man has fired a few shots in the home and called 911 to say he was having a bad day.

Houses next to the man's home and on the backside of the home are being evacuated and school buses are being kept away from the neighborhood. All evacuees will be taken to Lois Tarkanian Middle School.

The suspect has surrendered and people are now being let back into their homes.

House Hit by Car, Again

A family that had just moved back into their house after a car smashed into were jarred out of bed Friday morning, when another car hit their house at Jones Blvd. and Eldorado Lane. 

It's not as bad as last time, but that doesn't make it any better for the family.

"All the time I never sit down there. Don't sit down there. Even if I cook, I say don't sit down there," says homeowner Hai Pham.

And it's not hard to understand why. Back in June, a truck came barging into his kitchen. He narrowly escaped being hit when his son, sick upstairs, called for him.

"I said big accident then. I heard boom, boom and they hitting my house again," he said.

This time it happened at 2 a.m. and it was a BMW. Police arrested the driver after a field sobriety test. But Pham believes the drivers aren't the only problem, "I feel the house have something wrong."

Pham had just moved back in October.

Woman Arrested After Stealing Car With Child Inside

A young Las Vegas father experienced some terrifying minutes Friday after his car was stolen with his infant son inside.

The father had only stepped a few feet away from the running vehicle when the thief, who police say had been lying in wait, jumped in the car and sped off.

Channel 8 Eyewitness News was the first at the scene when police recovered the car and re-united the family.

That father was too shaken up to talk with us on camera, but you can bet he'll never step away from his car again with the engine running and his child inside.

Police say it was just 10 a.m. when the young father pulled up into the Albertsons parking lot at Warm Springs and Rainbow to return some videos at a curbside kiosk.

Two Die in Apartment Fire, Others Displaced

Two people are dead after an early morning apartment fire. The flames gutted 16 apartments, leaving close to 40 people without a home. Investigators know which apartment the fire started in, and the two people who lived in there were not able to get out in time.

Both were heavy smokers who had a space heater in the back bedroom. Investigators are looking into all of those possibilities as the cause.

It took only minutes for the flames to push their way from the ground level of the apartment building up to the attic. Nearly 40 people who lived there woke up to the intense heat, but managed to get out -- everyone except 71-year-old Carl Thompson and his 88-year-old mother Goldie.

Investigators say the fire sparked inside their apartment.

Michael Thompson's grandmother and uncle lived in the apartment. "It's all gone, everything is pretty much burned. It's trash. There's really nothing to even salvage from it," he said.