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Metro Reacts Quickly After Call of Copper Theft

Metro police caught two copper thieves in the act of stealing wires from light poles Thursday morning. It happened in the extreme southwest at Rainbow and Starr.

One of them sits in the Clark County Detention Center -- the other got away.

This is a new development in the extreme southwest. The thieves figured they could just steal whatever they wanted and get away with it in this isolated area. They never realized how the neighbors pay attention there.

In the new development, light poles go up as fast as the thieves target them for a copper heist. People in this area are tired of the streets being dark because someone decided to steal the cooper wires from the light poles.

"They cost us all money," said Jane Gorcica. She is the reason police were able to catch the cooper thieves in the act.

"At two o'clock in the morning, when we went to bed, about 15 minutes later the lights went out. We saw two suspects," said Gorcica.

Growing Southwest Gets New Metro Substation

Police say an increase in crime is another sign of the times. One area significantly feeling the growing pains is the booming southwest part of the valley. Metro police are stepping up their efforts to keep people who live there safe.

Their newest weapon -- a new state of the art police substation that will help cut response times.

This new station is necessary because Metro simply outgrew the old substation. Over the years, more and more officers have been needed to serve the fast-growing southwest area.

Officers needed not only more space but a new location to bring them closer to the majority of residents they are now serving.

"That is the new Southwest branch police station." You don't need to tell Scott Skopel about Metro's new enterprise area command. From his bedroom window, he's watched it being built.

Woman Beaten to Death, Left in SUV -- Identified

We now know who the woman beaten to death outside her home is. Police say 29-year-old Sherryl Quevarra-Sacueza was found in an SUV last week just outside her home near Rainbow and Tropicana.

Police are still looking for 32-year-old Jesus Munguia. Police say he is dangerous.

Anyone with information about where he is can call CrimeStoppers at 385-5555.

Trial Begins For Woman Accused of Daughter's Death

A jury has been seated for the mother accused of killing one of her children and trying to kill the other.

Police say Sherri Love stabbed her seven-year-old daughter to death in February of 2007. They also say she tried to kill her eight-year-old son, but the boy was able to get away and get help.

Opening statements will begin Tuesday.

6 Construction Workers Hurt Near Mountain's Edge

Six construction workers were hurt at a construction site located at Blue Diamond Road and South Durango, near Mountain's Edge Monday.

Eyewitness News has been told all injuries are minor. No one was transported to the hospital.

Apparently, trusses were being installed at a strip mall. The company was following proper procedures.

Some of the workers were on the trusses, and others were working on the ground. Workers said that a strong blast of wind hit the building and a combination of the strong wind and dust caused the trusses to give way.

Work has been stopped until the broken trusses can be moved out of the way.

A company spokesperson for Eagle Framing said this is the first time an accident like this has happened to them.

OSHA is investigating the accident. Work at the site will resume on Tuesday.

Exotic Animals Call Las Vegas Neighborhoods Home

Residents who once called rural Las Vegas home now find themselves right smack in the middle of master planned communities and strip malls. But the new neighbors are discovering a few surprises.

Magician Dirk Arthur makes his living on the Strip performing tricks with large exotic tigers. But while Arthur and his animals perform at the Tropicana, they live somewhere else -- and it might be near you.

Eyewitness News went inside Arthur's backyard to show you how growth has encroached on his jungle compound.

In southwest Las Vegas, growth is the name of the game -- new houses and new shops. Down a block or so, just past Cougar Avenue -- all that growth may come as a surprise for those who were here first.

Dirk Arthur has 13 big cats -- ligers, tigers and Bosco. Arthur has been performing in Las Vegas for 12 years, mixing magic and jungle cats at the Tropicana. It's old school Vegas that Arthur calls a dying art.

Metro Arrests Suspected Burglar and Sexual Deviant

Metro officers have arrested a suspected burglar and sexual deviant. Now they want you to take a look to see if you may be a victim.

Adalid Hernandez, 33, has been charged with 12 counts of burglary and two counts of aggravated stalking.

Police say he broke into homes, committed acts of sexual deviancy and left behind pornographic materials.

Officers say most of Hernandez's criminal activity happened near Rainbow and Tropicana and that there may be more victims out there.

If you think you may have been a victim, you're asked to call Metro's Sexual Assault Unit at 828-3421.