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Trial Begins For Woman Accused of Daughter's Death

A jury has been seated for the mother accused of killing one of her children and trying to kill the other.

Police say Sherri Love stabbed her seven-year-old daughter to death in February of 2007. They also say she tried to kill her eight-year-old son, but the boy was able to get away and get help.

Opening statements will begin Tuesday.

6 Construction Workers Hurt Near Mountain's Edge

Six construction workers were hurt at a construction site located at Blue Diamond Road and South Durango, near Mountain's Edge Monday.

Eyewitness News has been told all injuries are minor. No one was transported to the hospital.

Apparently, trusses were being installed at a strip mall. The company was following proper procedures.

Some of the workers were on the trusses, and others were working on the ground. Workers said that a strong blast of wind hit the building and a combination of the strong wind and dust caused the trusses to give way.

Work has been stopped until the broken trusses can be moved out of the way.

A company spokesperson for Eagle Framing said this is the first time an accident like this has happened to them.

OSHA is investigating the accident. Work at the site will resume on Tuesday.

Exotic Animals Call Las Vegas Neighborhoods Home

Residents who once called rural Las Vegas home now find themselves right smack in the middle of master planned communities and strip malls. But the new neighbors are discovering a few surprises.

Magician Dirk Arthur makes his living on the Strip performing tricks with large exotic tigers. But while Arthur and his animals perform at the Tropicana, they live somewhere else -- and it might be near you.

Eyewitness News went inside Arthur's backyard to show you how growth has encroached on his jungle compound.

In southwest Las Vegas, growth is the name of the game -- new houses and new shops. Down a block or so, just past Cougar Avenue -- all that growth may come as a surprise for those who were here first.

Dirk Arthur has 13 big cats -- ligers, tigers and Bosco. Arthur has been performing in Las Vegas for 12 years, mixing magic and jungle cats at the Tropicana. It's old school Vegas that Arthur calls a dying art.

Metro Arrests Suspected Burglar and Sexual Deviant

Metro officers have arrested a suspected burglar and sexual deviant. Now they want you to take a look to see if you may be a victim.

Adalid Hernandez, 33, has been charged with 12 counts of burglary and two counts of aggravated stalking.

Police say he broke into homes, committed acts of sexual deviancy and left behind pornographic materials.

Officers say most of Hernandez's criminal activity happened near Rainbow and Tropicana and that there may be more victims out there.

If you think you may have been a victim, you're asked to call Metro's Sexual Assault Unit at 828-3421.

Metro Searches For Man Who Tried to Steal ATM

Metro is looking for the person who tried to steal an ATM overnight. It happened at the Wells Fargo Bank near Rainbow and Warm Springs.

Police say the suspect was able to pry one of the machines out of the ground but that's as far he got.

Metro is now looking at surveillance video to get a description of the suspect.

Southwest Neighborhood Targeted by Robbers

A new community in the southwest part of the valley is being targeted by thieves. Tuesday morning one woman opened fire on two robbers during a home invasion. She is just one of many in the neighborhood that have been confronted by criminals.

Neighbors say they are concerned for their safety. Although, Metro is trying to catch the crooks, they don't have much to go on. Neighbors are hopeful that security cameras may have captured a clear picture of the thieves.

There was a strong presence of police in the neighborhood Tuesday after the shooting.

"They were all in front of my house because someone had broke into the house down the street. That scared me, made me a little nervous," said one neighbor.

Just before 9:30 in the morning, investigators say burglars broke into a home while the owner was inside.

"The resident heard breaking glass.

Woman Fights Back During Home Invasion

Police are looking for two suspects who are on the loose in the southwest part of the valley. The men broke into a woman's home around 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday. It happened near Gomer and Durango.

The crime tape is still up because Metro is still looking for evidence that might identify these two men. What they know now is the victim was home alone with a young child.

She heard glass break, grabbed a handgun, and fired one shot at the suspects.

Metro will not say if either suspect was hit but they did confirm they took off with some of her small possessions.

Metro says the same woman heard a knock on her door Monday, but no one was there when she answered.

A friend of the victim told us she believes it was the same two suspects and that they left a baby's pacifier and a teddy bear on the door step.