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I-Team: Attorney Involved in Alleged Suicide Pact Speaks

LAS VEGAS -- Attorney Nancy Quon wants the world to know she is not suicidal, that did not conspire with her boyfriend to kill herself, and that a fire which nearly took her life in late October was a complete accident.

The story was complicated enough when it was just about an alleged homeowner association scam that reportedly raked in tens of millions of dollars.

As you know, the I-Team first broke the story about the task force investigation of political corruption inside local HOA's back in 2008. Now we know the name of the undercover probe, Operation Grandmaster, and we know that, according to police documents, indictments in this massive case are "imminent."

Metro Investigating a Stabbing Death at Apartment Complex

LAS VEGAS -- Police are investigating the stabbing death of a woman in an apartment complex near Tropicana Ave. and Lindell Road.

At around midnight on Tuesday, a roommate discovered the woman's body when entering the apartment and called 911. 

Police say that the boyfriend of the victim, a cab driver, fled the scene in his taxi. He drove to the area of US-95 and College Drive in Henderson where he pulled over and stepped into traffic. He was struck by a car and taken to Sunrise Hospital where he later died.

Police are investigating the case as a murder-suicide.

New Power Plant Comes Online, But No Cut to Your Bill

GOODSPRINGS, Nev. -- NV Energy unveiled it's latest green power plant Friday. The plant in Goodsprings, south of Las Vegas, uses heat from existing natural gas pipelines.

The plant will have with no toxic emissions, but you won't notice any immediate effect in your power bills.

But why won't more efficient power generation bring cuts to the power rate?

"It reduces power costs, relative to where it would have been otherwise if we continued to buy from other sources," said NV Energy CEO Michael Yackira.

Without the plants, Yackira says, power prices would have been higher than they would have been otherwise.

NV Energy is required by law to meet a goal of having at least 25 percent of power come from renewable sources like solar and wind by the year 2025. The utility company is on track to meet that goal.

Cool at School: 30 Different Languages Spoken at Las Vegas School

LAS VEGAS -- More than half of the student body at Thiriot Elementary School is bi-lingual and learning to speak English. There are more than 30 foreign languages represented among the students.

Thiriot, which is near Tropicana and Jones, is a Title 1 school which means it qualifies for extra funding. That funding is used to provide classroom technology that helps the students communicate. Dawn Giles job is to help the teachers learn the best methods for teaching kids whose primary language is not English. 

"The teachers have wonderful skills. Just reminding them to focus on academic vocabulary, to make sure the kids have plenty of practice with language in the classroom, get a chance to speak with other kids in pairs and groups and to go over what they have learned and process it in both languages, "said Giles, ELS specialist. 

Developers of Land Near Blue Diamond Face Tough Obstacles

LAS VEGAS -- The controversy surrounding a planned development on a mountaintop near Blue Diamond and Red Rock Canyon continues. Developer Jim Rhodes leads a group of investors planning to build homes and stores on top of old gypsum mines.

Last April, Clark County commissioners gave Rhodes the application rights to build more than 1,200 homes on 2,400 acres he owns. Many of the few hundred people living in the Blue Diamond community fought the plan since 2003.

Starting early December, they'll be able tour the mountain top and judge the project on their own.

"Lots of noise. I don't like the idea of all those trucks coming through while they're doing the development. It will probably go on for years and years," said Blue Diamond resident David Hardy.

Man Arrested After Walmart Evacuation

LAS VEGAS  -- Authorities in Las Vegas have arrested a convicted felon and sex offender suspected of pistol-whipping a guard and leaving a false explosive in a Walmart.

Federal and local authorities say 44-year-old Eric Thomas Friedlander was arrested Wednesday and booked into jail, three days after the incident that caused the store to be evacuated for about two hours.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed Thursday that agents had served a search warrant at an apartment in west Las Vegas and found a gun and clothing connecting Friedlander with the incident.

Authorities say Friedlander hit the guard after unsuccessfully trying to cash a check at the store, then dropped a bag with the false grenade and fled. The guard wasn't hurt. The incident happened a week after a disgruntled Walmart employee in Reno shot and wounded three managers before surrendering.

Big Events Help Struggling Las Vegas Economy

LAS VEGAS -- Despite an expected population drop, which is just another sign the Las Vegas economy is struggling, there is one industry that continues to thrive and is helping our economy survive.

When big events are in town, the winners and casinos aren't the only one's cashing in.

According to demographers, a lack of construction and record-high unemployment, means a population drop of tens of thousands. Despite the sluggish economy, major events continue bringing in major dollars.

The annual Sema convention just wrapped up, and while no hard numbers have been calculated, officials with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority say attendance increased along with the amount of money the event brought in.

"The projections we were hearing was about 110,000 and the economic impact was $106 million," said Vince Alberta with the LVCVA.