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Beating The Summer Heat with Ice Sculptures

LAS VEGAS - One Las Vegas family has no problem beating the heat. They say they can't wait to go to work every day.

"I love it, because on the way here, you're sweating bullets," said Ian Paredes, the manager at Ice Studio. "Then you come in here, it's nice and cool. It feels amazing.

While most Las Vegas residents are suffering through triple digit temperatures, Paredes is chilling at Ice Studio with the thermostat set at approximately 10 degrees.

He sculpts 300 pound blocks of ice into works of art with chisel and chainsaw. He sends them to many of the resorts on the Strip. It's a family business his father started 30 years ago, but Ian wasn't always sure if he wanted to do it.

Pedestrian Safety Poster Earns Student New Laptop

Pedestrian Safety Poster Earns Student New Laptop

The Safe Community Partnership has named the winner of its 2nd annual Save a Life, Win a MacBook contest.

Jessica Purdy from Boulder City High School submitted the winning drawing that will be featured in bus shelters around the Las Vegas valley. It also earned Jessica a MacBook Pro laptop.

The campaign is aimed at educating both drivers and pedestrians that safety goes both ways.

"I wanted the point of view to be the drivers' point of view, which I thought was the most important part because drivers are the ones that keep the pedestrians safe," Purdy said.

The second place artist was an eighth grade student from Cashman middle school. He took home an iPod. His design will displayed inside of Regional Transportation Commission vehicles.


Driving You Crazy: Semis in Express Lanes

LAS VEGAS - A truck driver asks if semis are allowed to use express lanes on Interstate 15. He says many states restrict big rigs to the far right lanes.

Semis aren't only allowed in the express lanes in Las Vegas -- they're encouraged to be there. As an interstate highway, I-15 is vital to Nevada commerce. One of the chief purposes of the express lanes is to provide 'thru lanes' for trucks moving through town.

This way, large trucks aren't in general lanes. Lawmakers think this gives locals more room along the resort corridor. The theory is it could be more dangerous if truckers were put in slow, right lanes with traffic trying to enter and exit I-15.

Nevada Highway Patrol advises drivers to avoid the "no zones" on tractor trailers, which are the areas directly in front, to the rear and sides of the tractor. If you can't see the mirrors of the semi, then the driver can't see you.

Amateur Chen Wins 'Millionaire Maker' Poker Tourney

LAS VEGAS - A 32-year-old Canadian man is $1.2 million richer after outlasting more than 6,300 poker players in the World Series of Poker's "Millionaire Maker" No Limit Hold'em tournament.

Benny Chen is the event's first winner - defeating doctor and commercial pilot Michael Bennington in the final table. Bennington finished in second place with $741,902.

The tournament, which only required a $1,500 buy-in, drew 6,343 entrants - making it one of the largest tournaments in poker history.

Jonathan Gray and Justin Liberto finished third and fourth respectively.

Metro Planning Sobriety Checkpoint for Friday Night

Metro Planning Sobriety Checkpoint for Friday Night

Metro Police will be looking for impaired drivers, during a sobriety checkpoint set for Friday.

Officers from three area commands, including Northwest, Bolden and Enterprise Area Commands, will be conducting the checkpoint in the western area of the Las Vegas valley.

The checkpoint will be set up between 7 p.m. and 3 a.m. The area was chosen because of the high number of accidents and impaired drivers.

Officers will be looking for people who drinking and driving or driving under the influence of drugs. They want to find impaired drivers before they are involved in a crash. 

Students Collect Boxes of Clothes for Domestic Violence Shelter

Students Collect Boxes of Clothes for Domestic Violence Shelter

Students at one local high school have come together to help women and children in need in southern Nevada.

The students of Sierra Vista High School spent the past school year donating and collecting their old Physical Education uniforms and athletic shoes.

The effort started last year when Chelsa Bello noticed fellow students throwing away their old clothes. This year, Bello brought the idea of collecting those clothes to the school's Renaissance Club.

The idea took off, and students donated nine boxes of clothing to Safe Nest. The clothes will first be used to stock the closets at the domestic violence shelter.

Clothes that are not used by the shelter will be sold through a partnership with Saver's Thrift Stores. The money raised by the sales goes back to Safe Nest.

The students will make the official donation during a ceremony Tuesday.

Bishop Gorman Celebrates 56th Commencement

Bishop Gorman Celebrates 56th Commencement

LAS VEGAS -- Bishop Gorman High School celebrated its 56th commencement this weekend.

Nearly 300 students from the class of 2013 have anxiously waited for this day. Almost all of the students will go off the college and universities.

Valedictorian Lindsey Remark said she is already thinking about her future.

"I definitely want to go into medicine. I'm really into genetics and I hope to do some research and hopefully go into medical school," said Remark.

Lindsey slightly beat out her competition when it came to finishing at the top of her class; but, the Salutatorian isn't disappointed.

She is Juliana Remark, Lindsey's twin sister.

"I think I have an excellent foundation. I've learned so much here," said Juliana.

Bishop Gorman has a long track record of excellence. This year, 100% of their students graduated and 96% will go onto college.