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Sanctuary May Take More Southern Nevada Chimps

Sanctuary May Take More Southern Nevada Chimps

The chimpanzee sanctuary that took a chimp that got loose in a northwest neighborhood may be taking the chimps that were once housed in neighborhood in the southwest part of the Las Vegas valley.

Chimps Inc. said it is in talks with Mike Casey, the owner of the chimps. The talks come after the Pahrump Regional Planning Commission denied Casey a wild animal permit to keep the four animals in Pahrump.

Casey had applied for the permit after the Clark County Commission denied his request for a permit to keep his chimps at his southwest home.

He was keeping them in a trailer in his backyard, while they were booked for commercials and birthday parties. Animal welfare activists said he had no safeguards in place, if the animals became violent. They also alleged he mistreated his animals.

The county became concerned after the incident in the northwest, when two chimps escaped. Police had to shoot one of them. The other was taken to Chimps Inc. in Oregon.

Sandoval Makes Good on Promise to Veto Gun Bill

LAS VEGAS -- Governor Brian Sandoval has vetoed Senate Bill 221, which in part would have required universal background checks for gun sales.

The bill would have required a court to transmit records of a person's mental health into a central repository.

Sandoval said the bill had a number of worthy components and he supported enhanced reporting requirements concerning mentally ill patients, but he did not support the checks when it came to gun sales between private individuals.

Senator Justin Jones, who introduced the bill, said he was disappointed that Sandoval vetoed it.

Four Students Receive $5,000 College Scholarships

Four Students Receive $5,000 College Scholarships

Four local students will receive $5,000 college scholarships from the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans.

Information from the organization credits Steve Wynn with making the awards possible. Recipients were chosen based on commitment to education, dedication to community service, and strength of character in overcoming personal obstacles to achieve academic excellence.

The winners are:

Sky-High Dinners Coming to Las Vegas

Sky-High Dinners Coming to Las Vegas

A new dining experience is coming to Las Vegas, which promises to rise above the rest.

Ground was broken Wednesday for the Dinner in the Sky tower. When finished, the tower will suspend two open-air tables 180 feet in the air. The diners will be strapped to their chairs to enjoy a upscale dinner.

Dinner in the Sky is already established in 40 other countries. This will be the first one in the U.S. and the first one that uses a tower.

"Certainly Las Vegas is perfect for an attraction like this, and also a great dining destination," Kelley Jones Dinner In The Sky Las Vegas said.

The attraction is being built on Polaris Avenue north of Tropicana Avenue. It should be finished by late August or earlier September.

I-Team: Man Sells Chimps at Center of Controversy

LAS VEGAS -- The chimpanzees at the center of a bitter Las Vegas zoning battle are up for sale.

Mike Casey posted an ad to sell his three chimps in the Animal Finders' Guide. You may recall Casey failed to get a permit from Clark County to keep his chimps.

The chimpanzees starred in commercials and were booked for birthday parties. Casey kept the chimps in a trailer parked behind a southwestern Las Vegas home without county permission.

Animal welfare activists said Casey had no safeguards in place if the chimps became violent. Clark County grew concerned after a separate incident involving a chimp getting shot and killed by police after an escape last year. Casey moved to Pahrump and applied for wild animal permit.

Driving You Crazy: Light at Spring Mountain and Valley View

LAS VEGAS - A viewer says the green light at Spring Mountain Road and Valley View Boulevard lasts less than three seconds.

The viewer says he's waited three cycles to make a left turn on to eastbound Spring Mountain from Valley View.

Three cycles of waiting for three seconds of green will make anyone late to his or her destination. With so many traffic light timing issues in the valley, a commute becomes an exercise in frustration.

The Regional Transportation Commission's FAST division investigated the signal. RTC FAST observed Spring Mountain and Valley View at periodic times of the day last week and made adjustments to the light during the time frame listed by the viewer. RTC has since seen no problems. This problem has been fixed.

Palm Mortuaries Accepting Worn and Faded Flags for Retirement

Palm Mortuaries Accepting Worn and Faded Flags for Retirement

In honor of Flag Day on Friday, Palm Mortuary is collecting worn or faded American flags to properly retire.

According to the company, Palm’s flag retirement is in keeping with the honor and dignity sanctioned by US Code Title 36, Chapter 10, Section 176: The Flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.

Flags ready to be retired can be dropped off at any Palm Mortuary location through Friday. Locations and information are accessible at www.palmmortuary.com or by calling 464-8460.