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Boxer Mayweather a Suspect in Domestic Battery

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police say they want to talk to boxer Floyd Mayweather about a domestic incident that happened Wednesday night.

Police say they were called to a home at the 3800 block of Tropical Vine Street in southwest Las Vegas to investigate a family disturbance.

Police met with a female at the address and based on the information they learned, officers determined Mayweather was a suspect for domestic battery.

Mayweather was not home when police arrived at the house.

Police would like Mayweather to contact them so they can interview him to get further information on the case.

New School Opens for Special Needs Students

LAS VEGAS -- A new school opened its doors Wednesday for students in Las Vegas, specializing in teaching students who have attention deficit disorder.

The number of students with ADD might be higher than you think. Some studies show 15 to 20-percent of students have it. The new school is designed to specifically narrow in on student's needs.

Like any other school, students learn reading skills, math, science, and social studies. But it's the customized curriculum at Lexis Prep School that sets it apart.

On the first day, the children have already had a busy morning, following a strict, concentrated schedule designed to give them a better shot at excelling in the future.

"I think its great and because they have friends here and I think the teacher's great," said student Jacob Kuykendall.

Family Member Describes Final Moments Before Plane Crash

LAS VEGAS -- Three survivors from Monday's fiery plane crash are receiving round-the-clock care at University Medical Center for their severe burns.

The plane went down in a Silverado Ranch neighborhood shortly after take-off, killing the pilot. Tuesday, their loved ones shared what happened in the final seconds of the fatal flight.

What started as a scare in the air suddenly became a frantic journey all the way down to the ground. The plane crash landed and caused the Silverado Ranch neighborhood to shake.

"She said she just thought she was going to die. She just thought she was going to burn," said Tracy Faucheaux, survivor's mother.

Tracy Faucheaux and her husband Buddy, rushed to Las Vegas from Louisiana after learning their daughter Tamika and son-in-law Randall Savoy were hurt in the crash.

School Principal, Office Manager Arrested for Drug Possession

LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas principal known as an advocate for anti-drug programs is arrested for having meth in his home. The principal at Dondero Elementary School was arrested Thursday night, along with the office manager of Simmons Elementary in North Las Vegas.

The amounts of drugs school police say they found in the home shared by principal Leroy Espinosa and office manager Joseph Rodriguez was small -- less than an ounce of meth and marijuana. But there's a lot of shock among parents, and even some disbelief.

"I've known the man for eight years. He has fun. He tries to get the kids to enjoy school and he wants to see them succeed. To hear that he was arrested on drugs, I am just in shock. I don't believe it. I don't think it's true," said parent Colleen Powers.

Public Charter School Turning Out Great Students

LAS VEGAS -- Public charter schools are becoming a popular alternative for a growing number of Las Vegas parents who want a more unique and individualized learning experience for their children, without the pricey private school tuition.

The Explore Knowledge Academy teaches grades kindergarten through 12th to more than 600 students. There's a waiting list to get in, and it is about to become the state's first and only i-school campus. Not bad for a school that was created eight years ago in the kitchen of a Las Vegas family who home-schooled their kids because they wanted something different.

At the academy, you won't find students sitting in any nice neat rows of desks listening to a teacher lecture at a chalkboard.

"What you are going to see are engaged active students," said Abbe Mattson, Executive Director of Explore Knowledge Academy.

Accident Involved 2 School Buses

LAS VEGAS -- Two people suffered minor injuries following an accident involving two school buses and four vehicles Thursday. No children were on the buses at the time of the crash.

The accident happened after 11 a.m. on U.S. 95 northbound near Flamingo Rd. and caused some major traffic delays in the area.

Big DUI Enforcement Planned for Holiday Weekend

LAS VEGAS -- The Nevada Highway Patrol says Labor Day is second only to the Fourth of July for being the deadliest day on the nation's roads. But in Clark County, there has not been a single Labor Day traffic fatality for the past three years.

Several sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols are planned for Labor Day weekend, in what the group Stop DUI is describing as the nation's largest coordinated effort by law enforcement to prevent DUI deaths and injuries.

"We are proud to announce an unprecedented effort by seven different Nevada law enforcement agencies," said Sandy Heverly with Stop DUI.

Just days before the holiday weekend gets underway, DUI survivors, victim advocates, officers, and prosecutors gathered at NHP headquarters to kickoff a massive impaired driving awareness and enforcement campaign.